Maserati Traguardo Chronograph Quartz R8871612023 100M Men’s Watch

To the fans of motorsports, the name Maserati is more than familiar. Just like the famous Ferrari brand, Maserati is another big name in the world of motor sports.

Maserati, the Italian automobile manufacturer has a long history of creating sports and luxury vehicles that are distinguished by technological excellence. Like the Ferrari brand, Maserati watches are a side line accessory to the brand’s main product, that is luxury cars. Maserati watches follow suit with the brand’s dynamic style and focus on quality and performance.

The first of the Maserati watches came into the market in the year 2012 and were an instant hit. The superior build quality of Maserati watches gives a hint of the sleekness and sophistication, distinctive traits of the Maserati brand.

Maserati watches offer an analog display and use mostly quartz movements. Some models at the higher end however may utilize automatic movements as well. Mineral crystals are the norm with Maserati watches, but then again, the high-end models use sapphire crystals.

The arresting feature of these watches are the large case sizes. These range from a decent 40mm to a whopping 49mm for the gents. There are very few models for the ladies with 35-40mm cases. Fans of large watches would find the Maserati watch to be appealing.

We’re looking at the Maserati Traguardo Chronograph Quartz R8871612023 100M Men’s Watch here, which displays the distinctive Maserati style. It features a gold-tone stainless steel case enclosing a black dial. The gold-toned hands and markers combined with the gold toned chronograph dials give this watch a rich feel. A quality black leather strap completes this handsome timepiece.

The Traguardo Chronograph offers 100m water resistance capability, which is good enough for swimming. However, I wouldn’t want to wear it while swimming as the leather strap won’t take kindly to the water. Practically though, the water resistance feature is good enough protection from the occasional downpour or water splashes. Personally, I’d rather wear this timepiece to the office every day. Racing enthusiasts would find the Traguardo quite appealing with its top-grade build quality and exquisite look.

As far as the pricing of Maserati watches goes, they fall into the affordable category. Some would find these watches a bit overpriced for the complications you get. These watches offer just a few functionalities – many of the models are chronographs with day and date function at the most. All Maserati watches are water resistant from 50 to 100m depending on the model you choose. Maserati watches can be found in specialty brick-and-mortar watch stores if you like to touch and feel the piece before purchase. Since the world shops online for everything these days, you’re likely to find several online stores carrying the Maserati line of watches. Creation Watches SG is one such store where you’ll find a collection of Maserati timepieces.