Michael Kors Runway Quartz MK6853 Women’s Watch

Michael Kors is known for sophistication and style. The brand logo is visible everywhere, on footwear, bags, jewellery, eyewear and watches. But today my interest lay in Michael Kors timepieces. The brand is highly popular among the fashion-conscious younger generation, which is obvious in the way the youngsters gravitate towards the shiny and oversized timepieces from Michael Kors.

Each time I look around, there’s a shiny, large Michael Kors timepiece being flaunted by at least one of the youngsters at the office. The girls seem to be hooked to the glamour and style of Michael Kors watches. So, it wasn’t at all a surprise to me when Kelly, my daughter declared she wanted a Michael Kors watch as this year’s birthday gift.

The popular online watch store Creation Watches had a collection of Michael Kors watches on display at https://www.creationwatches.sg/product-category/michael-kors/ . The brand appears to have gauged the pulse of the average consumer – all the timepieces displayed on the page were chunky and oversized, most had the glossy rose gold or conventional gold tone hues. The crystals and diamond accents lend the gloss and sheen to the Michael Kors Women’s watches. The feminine trait of the women’s MK watches was enhanced due to the use of crystals and diamonds on the bezel or the dials. Although Michael Kors focuses on women clientele, there are several Michael Kors watches for the men as well.

But I was here to find a MK watch for Kelly. The rose gold tinted stainless steel case and the geometric shapes of the hour markers gave this beautiful watch a distinctly different look from the usual shiny stuff. My interest peaked with the Michael Kors Runway Quartz MK6853 Women’s Watch – I think the white of the dial and strap go extremely well with the rose gold tone of the case. The clearly legible dial is covered by a mineral crystal. This piece comes with a white silicone band, which is washable and easily cleaned.

At 40mm case size, this watch is a bit oversized for Kelly, but I think she can carry it off. 50m water resistance rating and a solid case back should keep the interiors of the watch snug and dry in wet conditions. The MK6853 features a quartz movement with luminous hands and markers. Overall, the Michael Kors Runway MK 6853 is a stylish timepiece, suited for any occasion. I thought Kelly would like it – she was so obsessed with the Michael Kors brand.

I had expected to spend a large amount on Kelly’s watch but was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price tag. Creation Watches offers a discount on Michael Kors watches bringing them within reach of the budget conscious folks. As far as fashion watches are concerned, Michael Kors makes some of the most stylish watches out there, sold at reasonable prices.