Seiko Chronograph Watches – Trendy and Fashionable


Seiko Chronograph Quartz 100M SSB087P1 SSB087P Mens WatchNeedless to say we who are reading this are mostly Seiko fans. The rest have come to – if not convert, then – take up some info about the Japanese side of watch-making. Not about the vintage side of Seiko or the luxuries of the Grand Seiko, these beauties are a different breed altogether. They perhaps might inspire a closer look; let you see the reasons behind their popularity.

So without further ado, these are the Seiko Chronograph watches.

Plain, battery driven quartz to the very high-end Spring Drive and the solar-powered and hybrid Kinetic movements in between; Seiko chronographs are a vast ocean to traverse within a short time. A first glance is bound to elicit confusion; the massive concentrations of markings and numerals on the faces end up as the most comprehensive and useful analog data. Whether you fly, swim, dive or drive, Seiko Chronograph watches are trendy and fashionable while being instruments to be used for specific purposes. These chronographs are capable of splitting seconds and running for long hours; some also compute with aid from slide rules provided along. Some also have a compass function embedded or fixed upon. A few also display world time and we are talking about analog displaying! These can be as simple as a rotating bezel with time zones or as high-tech like atomic signal time detection or GPS. Alternatively, like in the Seiko Diving chronographs, the rotating bezel is a countdown timer!

While day/date functions are common in Seiko chronographs, alarm and dual-time capability are not. Full power storage is between 6 and 12 months.

Seiko makes some of their chronographs refined enough to be worn as business-wear and they are the brand’s one of the unique and recognizable watches. They are iconic and more inclined to the ‘70s, using steel and titanium both as materials and their own Hardlex mineral crystals. For the higher-end of such Seiko chronograph watches, it’s always sapphire. The Spring-Drive chronograph watch; for example. Or, the Presage automatic chronographs. They fill the space between Grand Seiko and plain, formal chronographs and are most suitable as high-end office wear.

Should you want a bit of grandiose with Seiko Chronograph Watches, you should check out the Excelsior. Put a sporty twist one and the Coutura is there! However, for a vintage look, always choose the Seiko Neo-Classic chronograph! It is a complex piece of instrument with a serious look, unlike many of the Seiko chronograph watches.

The trendy and fashionable Seiko chronograph watches are fun to wear at work; there is at least one that suits your line of work or play. Most are inexpensive though at their highest prices they remain at a fraction of price you’ll pay for their Swiss cousins. Equally good if not better, the Seiko chronograph watches don’t make you afraid to use.

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