Stylish and Uniquely Designed Citizen Promaster Watches

Citizen Promaster

Authentically innovative, functional and borne out of the wild imaginations of professionals all around the world, the PROMASTER professional sports watches are a firm favorite of every active man who challenge their limits in their respective domains very seriously. With the CITIZEN Pro-Master, you can take your performances to higher levels, which is great if you are a pro-wannabe. Even if you are not!

Blaze the trails that you followed till now! The Citizen Promaster has since day 1 performed beyond any user’s imagination. A functionality enabled by innovative technology, the carefully thought-through Promaster offers maximum safety features to keep you informed at times when losing track might cost your life. Or, something that’s equally valuable.

Citizen Promaster BN2031-85E Eco-Drive Diver's 200M Power Reserve Men's WatchPROMASTER’s basic philosophy of adapting to every piece of worthy, latest technology and sensible design pushes into a formerly uncharted territory in forms of analog, digital and ana-digi sports watches. The unique designs of the Citizen Promaster watches focus heavily on an user’s choice of styles in that particular category. Each of them follows every major parameter (and some of the niche types) that are meant for the type of Promaster it is. This is the reason why Promaster doesn’t stop at being a professional’s watch; the can be fun wear too; however, built equally well as that of their superior types. Frankly speaking, if you are strictly a land guy or who just goes recreational scuba diving on the weekends, a 200m depth rating is enough. You don’t need the Autozilla unless – of course – if you have really set eyes upon that! Technically, this particular ProMaster is way ahead of other similar diving watches in the price category and can knock off the front two teeth of any bad guy.

The third variety of the Promaster is the Pilot type with durability suited for extreme environments high up. These, too, are specialty timepieces as much as those that go deeper or tread where there are no terrains. It fuels both professional adventurers and weekend fun-seekers .By passion. By the power of light!

It is Citizen’s technological advancements that combined high precision engineering designs to form the ProMaster series. These are unique timepieces for sports fanciers, enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Promaster brings a large number of variations within the series and covers all your sporting and traveling needs. All have proven track records. Their praises of precision and roars of reliability douse unforgiving conditions with ease. Specifically designed for the land, the ocean or the sky, there’s an added benefit to every Promaster you pick. It does something more than just what it is claimed to. A big plus point is Citizen’s revolutionary Eco-Drive technology. Powered by light, no need to change batteries, unlimited usage and an intact factory seal! They are strong, tough; exude confidence and above all, a class.

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