Swatch – Affordable Swiss Made Watches

As I lazed on the sofa on a hot Sunday afternoon, wiling away time surfing the net, an idea came to mind – to get an addition to my everyday watch collection. And so, the surfing began – now with a definite purpose… the hunt for a nice watch. Several searches later, a burst of colourful timepieces grabbed attention on this page here: . Creation watches had a wonderful display of Swatch watches on sale, most of them priced below $100…Great, just what I was looking for, good enough to gratify my shopping itch.

Introduced in the 1980s, Swatch is a Swiss brand that has been producing good quality watches with affordable price tags. Swatch watches are the cheapest Swiss-made watches one could buy. Presenting an astonishing collection of timepieces in a wide array of dial designs and colours, Swatch has captivated the public. The designs are colourful, playful and bordering the crazy sometimes, in fact, you’ll find some pretty creative designs in the Swatch brand which you won’t see elsewhere. An expression of joy and a fresh look, the Swatch timepiece makes a unique style statement that describes the young spirit.

Swatch uses a variety of materials like plastic, silicone, aluminium, rubber and synthetic fabrics. Yes, they do make their watches in stainless steel as well. The Irony Collection from Swatch is well worth checking out if you prefer your watch to be in stainless-steel. Most of the other collections from the brand use plastic and silicone abundantly.

My choice was the Swatch Greytwist White Dial Silicone Strap Quartz GW711 Men’s Watch. It was my type of a watch that brought out the minimalist Bauhaus style. This is a simple white case with a touch of black on the dial and strap. The plastic case and plexiglass crystal make it ideal for everyday wear. At 34mm diameter, it is a small watch, perfect for my small wrists.  It performs the function of telling time with lucidity and style

Another interesting piece was the Swatch Multiboost Multicolor Dial Silicone Strap Quartz SUOK143 Men’s Watch. It would make an excellent gift for my brother Chris. He loved colourful stuff and this piece would surely be a big hit with him.  The dial and the strap of the Multiboost Multicolor SUOK143 is something unique and eye-catching. At 41mm diameter, this is a slightly bigger dial.

Both the timepieces feature quartz movements and 30m water resistance. And, with the discounts Creation watches was offering my budget could easily afford two watches. Chris would be thrilled.

The Swiss made tag ensures that a Swatch conforms to the standards of originality in design aesthetics, technical accuracy and water resistance. Swatch Watches are casual and stylish at the same time, managing to blend a sophisticated designer look with an affordable price tag.

Take your pick from the Swatch collection at Creation Watches