Zeppelin Series Flatline Power Reserve Germany Made 73664 Men’s Watch


We have seen Swiss made watches and we’re familiar with American made watches. Since 1987 there’s another player in the game. The German watchmaker POINTtec has been creating watches that are inspired by the great Zeppelin airships which were first built in 1899. German made watches have made their way into the watch making industry […]

Hamilton Watches: Lending American Spirit to Swiss Precision


The Hamilton Watch Company was established in 1892 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the US. The brand became renowned in the early days of the American railroads by supplying pocket watches to the railroad industry. The watches kept perfect time and were credited with minimizing accidents due to time synchronisation on the rails. Hamilton’s tryst with […]

Invicta Watches – Ingenious Design and Craftmanship

Invicta Watches

The Invicta Watch Company was founded in 1837 in Switzerland and remained with the Picard family till 1991. It was then purchased by a US based investment company in 1991 and moved the headquarters to Florida, USA. Most of the timepieces use Swiss movements but not all are manufactured in Switzerland. Invicta watches are produced […]

Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR1682 Women’s Watch

Emporio Armani

Preparing to join university soon, my daughter needed a watch she could wear every day. It had to be functional and stylish, keeping with the latest fashion trends. There were several models available that fit the bill, but what looked promising was an elegant piece from Emporio Armani. The Emporio Armani Classic Quartz AR1682 Women’s […]

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Tough Solar GSG-100-1A3 Men’s Watch


The G-Shock (meaning Gravitational Shock) Series of watches by Casio include a range of rugged timepieces. Like the name suggests, the most important feature of a Casio G-Shock is its shock resistance quality, which is ideal for people working outdoors or military personnel on field duties. It is also the perfect watch for the adventure […]

The Braun Watch Collection – Simply Charming Design


Braun the German brand that makes electronic items, constantly given us timeless quality products. Simple design principle is the philosophy of Braun and they believe in the design ethos “less but better”. This design principle of minimalistic simplicity carries on to their watch line as well. Braun makes some of the most beautiful yet simple […]

Maserati Traguardo Chronograph Quartz R8871612006 Men’s Watch: The Unique and the Magnifique Presence in One


Maserati Traguardo Chronograph Quartz R8871612006 Men’s Watch is a chronograph with sporty Blue details is characterised by a 45 mm diameter Black PVD case. The striking black dial features minimalist design with three sub dials to help you keep on time. A superb model with dark hardened steel case with a dark/blue strap and settled […]