Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator Power Reserve AW1360-12H Men’s Watch

Do pilots actually wear pilot watches? That’s a question that popped in my mind, looking at the sheer number of aviator watch models out there hailing from different brands. I have seen pilot watches on many a wrist although a majority of those wearers have never set foot in an airplane cockpit. On the contrary, […]

Emporio Armani Kappa Quartz AR11011 Men’s Watch

The Emporio Armani collection features some of the finest watches for men, classified as fashion watches. Fashion watches are bought for their stylish looks rather than their functionality or features. And that’s precisely why I had chosen the Emporio Armani Kappa Quartz AR11011. The package was waiting for me when I got home from work […]

Casio G-Shock Military Matte Black Men’s Watch

The Japanese are known to create products that are long lasting, durable and tough. Casio, the Japanese electronics company that makes calculators, digital instruments, electronic keyboards, also makes watches. The G-Shock series of watches were introduced by the company in 1983. It was an attempt to create high performance watches built to survive tough conditions. […]

The Skagen Aaren Kulor – Simple Danish Designs

The beautiful Skagen Aaren Kulor SKW2764 Quartz Unisex watch gave a hint of a bright and cheery coastal landscape. It’s a fact that Skagen watch designs are inspired by nature, the brilliant colours of the Aaren Kulor line were actually inspired by the colourful townhouses of Copenhagen.  Simple, sophisticated and elegant, Skagen watch designs effortlessly […]