Ratio Free Diver Professional 200M Sapphire Quartz 36JL140 Men’s Watch

Being passionate about the sea I occasionally go on diving trips along with some of my like-minded friends. A dive watch is an essential part of diving gear; mine needed replacing. I was looking to fill up the gap with a new purchase from among the latest offerings out there. I hadn’t found an appealing dive watch within my budget so far, hence the online research.

The Ratio Free Diver Professional 200M Sapphire Quartz 36JL140…at first glance it looked like one of those iconic, sought-after divers but then the initial misconception dissipated as I checked out this handsome classic timepiece. The Ratio Free Diver Professional had all the trappings of the top end dive watches – it could occasionally fool someone into believing it to be the iconic piece. Yet, I wouldn’t say it is a copy of or homage to those great dive watches. The Ratio Free Diver 36JL140 holds its own in terms of looks, designs and technical specifications.

Although I had heard about the Ratio Free Diver range of watches, I hadn’t taken a look up close. Like I said, this particular model in stainless steel and black has a masculine and solid feel to it. While it may not give computer-like critical diving info, it can certainly measure diving time and cylinder air during your dive. These features were good enough for a recreational diver like me.

I wouldn’t be paying more than $130 for a dive watch that fits perfectly with my want-to-have features in a dive watch. Besides, the Ratio Free Diver Professional Sapphire Quartz 36JL140 also satisfies my need for a cool and charming accessory to match other outfits. Paired with a business suit or a casual jeans and tee, the Ratio Free Diver Professional takes any occasion in its stride.

To me however the main attraction of Ratio Free Diver is the clear and simple dial. Additionally, the Ratio Free Diver has bright and luminous hands and markers which are an important feature of any dive watch. The stainless steel case and link bracelet give it a sturdiness needed to survive the depths of the sea. The black dial with white, luminous hands and markers is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and the watch is powered by a SEIKO quartz movement.

All said and done, the Ratio Free Diver Professional 200M Sapphire Quartz 36JL140 Men’s Watch is a perfect diving tool for recreational divers as well as a classy everyday watch for any watch lover. My search for an affordable dive watch ended at Creation Watches here : https://www.creationwatches.sg.

If you have a passion for watches, dive watches in particular, don’t forget to check out the wide range of Ratio Free Diver watches. They are affordable, stylish accessories that not only tell the time but also function as a vital underwater tool.